Ottawa Engulfed in another Snowstorm

It’s the second time in the same week that Ottawa is engulfed in a complete winter snowstorm fiasco. As predicted by Environment Canada, the snowstorm engulfed the entire region around Ottawa sometime past midnight and Thursday morning. Environment Canada had issued a warning of snowfall calculated between 15 and 25 centimetres expected on Thursday across Ottawa, mainly the east of Ottawa, Orléans and Kanata and areas south of the city.

The snow is expected to begin diminishing by Thursday afternoon, as roads become completely slippery meanwhile. Although slippery roads did not cause much trouble because the traffic flow was considerably low due to Christmas holiday. The heavy snowfall of last Friday settled as much as 40 centimeters of snow in areas followed by freezing rain, but this snowfall was rather lighter and powdery.

Consequently, almost two dozen flights were delayed at the Ottawa Airport, while few were even cancelled, as snowstorm upset the entire air travel system across eastern North America. Travelers were strictly instructed to communicate with their airline before deciding to reach the airport. The warning of Environment Canada was even worse for areas in south, including Cornwall, Brockville and along the St. Lawrence Valley, where almost 20 to 30 centimetres of snow was expected. The winds following snowstorm made it even tougher to drive as snow blew all over the area. Reports of OPP in Frontenac County showed few accidents on Highway 401, while requesting drivers to avoid driving until the plows have taken care of the snow.

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