Ontario Teachers’ Await Broten’s Response After Passing Deadline

The teachers’ and schools of Ontario have moved passed their so called deadline discretely on Monday, when the province threatened to impose new contracts. Surprisingly enough, there were no last-minute negotiations or any public pleas of findings ways to return to the table.

The midnight’s deadline was the time, when Education Minister Laurel Broten threatened to reveal the government’s next steps, in case the teachers’ and schools did not return to the bargaining table. The deadline itself did not implement any controversial provision of Bill 115, which is the highly criticized legislation allowing province to impose wages freeze on teachers’, curtail their accumulation of sick days and limit their right to strike. Although now that that the deadline has passed, Ms. Broten has complete authority to impose any contract which seems fit to her. When inquired on Monday afternoon, about what does the province has in mind that the deadline has passed without any solution in sight, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation president Ken Coran alleged that “absolutely nothing that I’m aware of.” All school boards have planned to meet up on Thursday after Ms. Broten speaks to plan a strategy for the return to class on Jan. 7.

The executive director of the advocacy group People for Education, Annie Kidder, stated that “I hope we don’t get into, ‘Okay, this is the end, and here [the contracts] are imposed,’ but in fact some more positive proposition than that happens on Thursday, because [imposing terms] will make things very difficult for the next two years.”

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