Toronto City Council to Decide on $9.4-billion Budget

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The 2013’s operating budget of City of Toronto will be debated today by Toronto city council in leadership of Mayor Rob Ford. Ford seems overly certain that the $9.4 billion budget will be approved by the council and pass with majority vote.  He mentioned that while talking to the media that “It’s a great budget, I am sure it’s gonna pass.”

Moreover, before entering the council meeting, Ford alleged that he appreciates the “collaborative efforts of council and city staff.” Ford claimed that “I would like to thank everybody for their hard work and their efforts to make this possible” and “I would like to say a special thank you to the hard work of Mike Del Grande, our budget chief.” Ford stated that “I have yet to see a major city in North America to come up with those numbers,” while added that this budget “did not come without the usual fear mongering from the usual suspects.”

On the other hand, budget chief Mike Del Grande pointed out that digging in surpluses and reserves is not an option to finance ongoing city programs. He alleged that taxes will have to increase to give critics of the budget what they want. Del Grande mentioned “that is the conscionable thing to do” and “the weasel kind of thing to do is to go into reserves [which is] not sustainable. That is the issue, that is the problem.” In fact it was declared that the city has utilized some of its surplus, while spending $2.8 million to hire 40 new paramedics.

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