Watchdog Suggests Drastic Changes to Restore RCMP’s Reputation

A watchdog keeping an eye on the practice of RCMP has recently published a new report suggesting alterations as to how the RCMP attends the complaints of workplace harassment by either male or female officers. The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP proposed 11 different suggestions in the report for addressing workplace harassment complaints and to encourage transparency in subsequent investigations.

The report proposes a more sovereign process of investigating the complaints, and strict chronology of steps for addressing complaints, and better overall training to address workplace harassment cases in the force. The commission studied more than 700 harassment complaints between the period of 2005 and 2011, and failed to recognize any systemic problem of sexual harassment within the police force, contradictory to the ongoing extreme publicity about difficulties and grievances. The report mentioned that “the Commission determined that the complaints were for the most part dealt with in accordance with the RCMP’s harassment policy. However, the manner in which the process could be applied in accordance with policy varied widely.”

Additionally, the report alleged that simple perception of “systemic poor treatment of employees” is enough to hurt the force and damage public confidence in the force. The interim chair of the commission, Ian McPhail, alleged that “the most important task is changing the perception of many employees and segments of the public that the organization is complicit in the problem and as a result incapable of adequately addressing it.”

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  1. Only thing I will accept is a public inquiry, which results in the crooked cops getting kicked off the force and jail time. Between the rcmps abuse of their own female officers, abuse of First Nations and the one of their own getting caught as pedophile, they can’t be trusted to look after these issues internally.

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