Multiple Vehicles Hit Same Pedestrian in Dreadful Calgary Road Accident

Calgary Police is searching for answers in a bizarre case of a pedestrian’s accidental death, who was hit by a vehicle, and then ran over by another while ailing on the road, after which she ultimately passed away  at the scene. 56-years-old Wong Shuk Yee was hit while crossing a street at a busy intersection in the northwest Calgary on Wednesday morning. While she laid on the ground after being hit the first time, she was again ran over by another vehicle on the same road, which additionally  pulled her along for 50 metres before speeding away.

Police confirms that at least two other vehicles were identified to have slowed down before driving aside the victim. Sgt. Colin Foster, from the Calgary Police Service, revealed that “If the person actually knows they’ve hit something, or they know someone is dead on the side of the road, then … I’m a bit shaken by people’s callousness,” but he also admitted that “however, do they know what they’re seeing? Are they aware of what they’re seeing? If they don’t know that it’s a person on the side of the road, can I condemn someone for driving on? It’s very hard to do that.”

Later Police received a confession call from the first driver, 24-years-old Steven Jonathan Vanasse, who turned himself in and has been charged with hit and run causing death on Thursday. Foster revealed that “she is going through the process of an autopsy at the moment and I’m hoping that the autopsy might be able to assist us in being able to apportion, for lack of a better description, blame to one driver over the other.”

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