Canadian Hillman Prize for Excellence Journalism Awarded to Authors of Robocalls Story

The winners of the 2013 Canadian Hillman Prize in Journalism were ceremoniously announced on Monday, declaring a Postmedia News columnist, Stephen Maher, and Ottawa Citizen reporter, Glen McGregor, to be the winning duo for uncovering the “robocalls” affair during 2011 federal campaign. The prestigious award encouraged their investigation of robocalls and voter suppression incident.

The award was prized by a U.S.-based Sidney Hillman Foundation, honoring the award for excellence in journalism in service of the common good. After hearing the news on Monday, Maher stated that “I count myself lucky to be able to work as an investigative political journalist, and I want to thank the judges and the Hillman Foundation for the award, and Postmedia for placing such high value on this challenging kind of journalism.” Maher and McGregor initiated their investigation more than a year ago, uncovering the incident of deceptive phone calls during the elections for confusing voters and guiding them to the wrong polling stations. It was recently learned that the Commissioner of Canada Elections, Yves Cote, has supported to lay charges regarding the election day robocalls incident in Guelph in 2011.

The publisher and editor-in-chief of Ottawa Citizen, Gerry Nott, praised their work by saying that “the work done by Glen and Stephen has been painstaking and difficult but ultimately vital to getting to the bottom of a story with implications for how elections are run in this country.” He added that “this was good old fashioned shoe-leather reporting – developing contacts, double-checking sourced information and getting the story first, and right. That’s not easy and we’re very proud of the work they did for the Citizen and Postmedia.”

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  1. This has got to be a joke – these two keystone cops have manufactured well over 100 stories on the “robocall” nonsense which has lead to a total of one charge… against a Liberal for the sum total of a few thousand dollars. These two “journalists” have engaged in nothing but a smear job to bring down the Conservatives, but there is no evcomment_IDence AT ALL to support their claims. And for this they win a Hillman Prize for Excellence in Journalism???!!! Just shows how the left-wing media take care of their own,… no matter how foolish they look.
    The Hillman Foundation just descended to the level of integrity of the Nobel group, who awarded Al Gore and Obama Nobel prizes.

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