Fraction of Residents Return to Flood-Ravaged High River Town

Town officials have allowed a fraction of residents that were forced to evacuate from the flood-ravaged town of High River to return home on Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, officials warn that the remaining residents might have to wait for at least another month, especially the residents of the hardest-hit areas. In the announcement made by Alberta officials on Friday, it was stated that an estimate of 5,000 residents of the northwest part of the town will be allowed to return in beginning midday.

The entire population of the town, i.e. 13,000 residents, was enforced to evacuate their homes and seek higher ground almost eight days ago when floodwaters devastated large swaths of southern Alberta. Now some of those residents have been allowed back, as they queue in lines to obtain an entry permit at the town’s welcome center.

One of the residents who recently received their entry pass, Charlotte Jackson, alleged that “If you can’t keep some sort of positive attitude you may not get through this.” He added that “I intend to get through this. I’ve got a life to live.” Another optimistic resident, Ryan Domes, stated that “I know there’s a lot of challenges in town but there’s a lot of dry areas.” He added that “good news for us. Bad news for most people. We feel for them.” The acting deputy director of Red Cross, Karen Charles, reported that her organization has taken charge of High River on early Saturday morning, and began bringing “truckloads” of kits to help “begin that arduous task of starting to clean.”

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