Court Allows Immunity to Calgary Gangster in Exchange of Cooperation

One of Calgary’s most notorious and esteemed gangsters has been able to reach a deal that grants him full immunity in exchange for his testimony against his fellow gang members in the infamous FOB gang. The court documents obtained by the press reveal that the attorney general of Alberta has declared not to prosecute 37-year-old Hans (Jay) Eastgaard for three homicides and two attempted murders.

Eastgaard is a high ranking member of the FOB, i.e. “Fresh Off the Boat,” and was involved as a major party in Calgary gang war that has caused at least 25 deaths since 2002. Their rival gang was FK, or commonly known as “FOB Killers.” Crown prosecutor, Brian Holtby, confessed that the arrangement settled with Eastgaard is far from ideal, asserting that “it’s distasteful to be honest.” However, he did elucidate that “our mandate is to disrupt and dismantle organized crime and in this case it’s clear that complete justice is not going to be done but we hope by this action that we at least disrupt this group for a time.”

Eastgaard is a well-documented criminal, who has received numerous convictions on drug and weapon offences, but the prosecution has promised full immunity from prosecution for his role in the slayings. Holbty explained that “we certainly understand why people would be upset and we’re not totally happy with the situation ourselves but unfortunately the police had put absolutely hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of investigation into the murders that Mr. Eastgaard was involved in and it was clear to us that unless we got his co-operation, no charges were ever going to be laid.”

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