RCMP Updates Code of Conduct Due to Sex Harassment Allegations

In light of recent allegations of widespread sexual harassment made against the RCMP, it has decided to amend its code of conduct including particular provision against such behaviour. The amended document says that “members treat the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy and do not engage in acts of discrimination or harassment.”

However, an association representing rank-and-file Mounties has alleged that addition of the word “harassment” will do very little to change discriminatory attitudes toward women. It was argued that the RCMP is in desperate need to change its across-the-board culture, including at its most senior levels. Spokesman for an organization that advocates for collective bargaining for Mounties who cannot form a union, i.e. the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada, and a retired RCMP officer, Rob Creasser, stated that “I don’t think it really does anything to address the issues that have surfaced over the last little while.” He added that “even prior to all these sexual abuse allegations and other harassment issues coming forward, the RCMP supposedly had a zero-tolerance policy to harassment.”

Staff Sergeant of the force’s official labour relations program, i.e. the Staff Relations Representative Program, Abe Townsend, elucidated that “it places focus and attention on the importance of having that healthy workplace where everybody can succeed.” The amended document states that “members avoid making public statements that could reasonably be interpreted as having an adverse effect upon the morale, conduct, operation, or perception of the Force.”

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