British Colubia’s UBC Society Refuses to Pay for Sexual Abuse Counselor

The Commerce Undergraduate Society at the University of British Columbia has refused to hire a special sexual abuse counselor, prompted by the recent most reported frosh week chants condoning rape, which came along with a university endorsement for the CUS to provide $200,000 to help fund the position after it emerged UBC commerce students were led in a chant about having non-consensual sex with under-aged girls. However, a student referendum straightforwardly refused to fund the position as only 245 students out of 815 voted in favour of funding the role.

Several students on campus are recently being questioned whether the community is taking the issue of sexual assault as seriously as it should, while some have even resorted to putting up posters urging readers: ‘Don’t be a rapist!’ The recently elected president at CUS, Sean Fleming, mentioned in a statement that the referendum result shall not be perceived as showing how students feel about addressing sexual violence. He explained that “students really wanted to participate more in the response, rather than simply contributing financial support, as they recognize this is a long term, community-wide issue and they wanted the response to reflect that.”

In response to the news, Dean of the Sauder School of Business, Robert Helsley, mentioned in subsequent statement that “I know that the wider community will be disappointed as well.” He added that “this pledge was made by CUS student leaders to strengthen awareness on issues related to sexual violence and the need for a safe and respectful environment for all members of the UBC community.”

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