Liberals, Tories Retain Equal Seats in Byelections

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Liberals and Conservatives were able to secure their claim to two seats among the four federal byelections that concluded on Monday night. Consequently, though the electoral status quo was upheld, it could still be viewed as a partial victory for Justin Trudeau’s party as they completely upset their Conservative rivals in a Manitoba stronghold. 

The most close competition was seen in Manitoba riding of Brandon-Souris, where at one point Liberal, Rolf Dinsdale, took a slight lead but ultimately lost to Tory candidate, Larry Maguire. The prominent provincial MLA was able to secure victory by just under 400 votes. However, the Liberals were able to hold on to Toronto Centre riding, where Chrystia Freeland defeated NDP candidate Linda McQuaig. It was the most watched race was among two journalists; namely Freeland, a former Reuters executive and author, and McQuaig, an author and former Toronto Star columnist. On the other hand, Conservative candidate Ted Falk claimed victory in the riding of Provencher in Manitoba with an exceptional 58.1 per cent of the vote compared to Liberal candidate Terry Hayward who trailed with 29.9 per cent support.

Moreover, Liberals were also able to secure Montreal’s Bourassa riding, where their candidate Emmanuel Dubourg claimed victory. In the Liberal stronghold of Bourassa, Dubourg won 48.1 per cent of the vote to replace former Liberal MP Denis Coderre. After seeing the result, Liberals Leader Justin Trudeau stated that “The NDP is no longer the hopeful optimistic party of Jack Layton” and “It is the Liberal Party tonight that proved that hope is stronger than fear.”

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