Councilors Ask Fords to Abstain from Police Budget Debate

A growing number of city councillors are voicing that Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, and his councilor brother, Doug Ford, should abstain from participating in any debate related to Toronto’s police budget in light of their recent accusations against the Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. These demands are prompted by Mayor Ford’s remarks in a recently broadcasted television interview, in which he accuses Police Chief of having “political” motives behind the investigation into the mayor’s activities.

Moreover, the mayor alleged that the investigation is a retribution by Police Chief Bill Blair in response to his request for a 10-per-cent cut to the force’s budget two years ago. He stated that “I think he was quite upset at that.” Apart from that, Mayor’s brother and councilor, Doug Ford, has also previously questioned the motives of the chief, while also demanding for his resignation. On the other hand, Chief Blair assured previously that the investigation involving the mayor is being conducted “without fear and without favour.”

In light of these developments, vice-chair of the police services board, Councillor Michael Thompson, mentioned in a statement issued on Tuesday that it would be “prudent and wise” for both Ford brothers to declare a conflict and refrain from participating in this year’s police budget debate. Moreover, he alleged that the mayor owes Chief Blair an apology, asserting that “I don’t agree with mayor’s comments or the characterization of chief of police.” He stated in a firm tone that “I can tell you the chief is a real professional police officer with a tremendous amount of integrity.”

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