Con artist Richard Earl Rupert wanted for fraud in Vancouver

A con artist with a long history of bilking seniors out of money has worked his way across Canada and is now believed to be operating in the Lower Mainland. Vancouver Police are asking for the public`s assistance to help catch this despicable criminal who has been targeting unsuspecting seniors for many years.

Fifty-four year old Richard Earl Rupert is currently wanted Canada-wide by Toronto police and has a new warrant for a recent fraud committed here in Vancouver.

Around 5:00 p.m. on August 3rd, Rupert is alleged to have posed as a building manager collecting rent money at a senior`s lodge in the 1000 block of Burnaby Street. He is allegedly seen following an elderly resident into the secure building where he strikes up a conversation and accompanies the man to his apartment. Once inside, Rupert allegedly bilks the man out of more than $100.00 in rent money. Surveillance images next capture Rupert heading down in the elevator allegedly counting money before exiting out the main entrance.

The Toronto Police Service issued a Canada-wide warrant for Richard Earl Rupert after a series of similar frauds and robberies were linked in several jurisdictions out east. Before reaching British Columbia, he allegedly committed crimes in Winnipeg in June and by August, he was in Vancouver preying on local seniors.

Rupert has a decades long history of targeting elderly men and women over the age of 70 who have disabilities and are living in retirement communities. Typically he is on foot, operates during the day and, after observing his victim, approaches them at home, or very close to home.

Rupert is white, in his mid 50’s, approximately 5’6 with dark blondish, grey receding hair, chiselled cheekbones and a reddish complexion. He is clean shaven and appears to be clean cut, well dressed and well spoken. Although his m.o.varies, he often poses as building staff or a distant relative, requesting money for rent, car repairs, or a stranded relative.

Police agencies across Canada are coordinating their efforts to catch this fraudster and prevent him from victimizing more vulnerable citizens.

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