Calgary City Council to Discuss How to Curb Prostitution

Calgary city council is anticipated to discuss new ways to make it considerably tough for sex workers to operate in Calgary as Coun. Diane Colley-Urquhart plans to table a new motion next week. This topic of discussion is prompted by the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada that declared the federal prostitution laws to be dangerous to prostitutes. Colley-Urquhart claims that the notice of motion she plans to present to council on Monday will suggest formation of a working group that will inspect how the city can manage prostitution in the city.

Back in December, Canada’s prostitution laws were ruled illegitimate by the Supreme Court as it announced that imposition of these laws would result in dangerous conditions on sex workers. The crucial ruling caused the provincial and municipal governments to reconsider how to police the industry while new federal laws were drafted. According to Colley-Urquhart’s point of view, the city must act quickly in order to curb sex trade exploiting the legal limbo.

Colley-Urquhart mentioned that “when you have brothels that will start popping up in neighbourhoods it’s going to significantly impact the quality of life of Calgarians. It’s going to significantly impact the safety of women and perhaps young girls.” She alleged that “we can’t wait to see what the feds and the province are going to do.” It was added that “I think we can make it pretty tough to operate,” and that “I want to . . . put the word out there, ‘don’t put your shingle up in our city, we’re not interested.’”

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