Report Claims Couillard Opened Offshore Bank Account in the 90s

A Radio-Canada report revealed that Quebec Liberal Leader, Philippe Couillard, opened an offshore account in a tax haven on the island of Jersey while he was working as a neurosurgeon in Saudi Arabia from 1992 and 1996. Even though there was nothing illegal in the act, the report has put his credibility in doubts as he recently demanded more transparency from other political leaders in the election campaign.

According to the report, Mr. Couillard was a non-resident when working in Saudi Arabia and deposited $600,000 in his offshore account, which he kept open until 2000. According to Radio-Canada, Mr. Couillard explained that upon returning home in 1996, he honorably filed a tax report that listed the money in the offshore tax shelter. Additionally, Mr. Couillard alleged that he and his wife do not have an offshore account anymore and that both have always fully disclosed their assets.

In a statement issued by the spokesperson for the Liberal Leader, Harold Fortin, on Wednesday evening, it was elucidated that Mr. Couillard acted within the law and did nothing wrong while living in Saudi Arabia. It was affirmed that like any other Canadian, Mr. Couillard opened an account with the Royal Bank of Canada’s international branch on Jersey, where his paycheques were deposited. Fortin stated that “there is no story here,” adding that “at no point did he want to hide anything. Tax havens are used to hide money. Mr. Couillard never hid any money from the Canadian and Quebec governments.”

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