Quebec Liberal Leader Couillard Grilled in Second Debate

Philippe Couillard

Philippe Couillard

Liberal Party leader Philippe Couillard has learned the hard way that being the front runner in the Quebec elections race is not something to be taken lightly. Rather than further strengthening his lead confirmed in the opinion polls, Mr. Couillard was not even able to make an impressive performance in the second televised debate that aired Thursday night on the TVA network, even though he had previously scored big in the first debate presented a week ago.

Soon after the debate started, almost all Mr. Couillard’s political opponents unitedly attacked him, starting from the moderator Pierre Bruneau raising integrity issues, which began to look like a three against one confrontation. And by the time the two-hour debate ended, Mr. Couillard could barely crack a smile. Consequently, it was visible that liberal leader lost all his confidence that he previously glimmered at the time of group photo shot seconds before the debate.

At start, Couillard was questioned about his short-lived business association with Arthur Porter, i.e. the former head of the McGill University Health Center currently facing criminal charges over an alleged $22-million fraud and kickback scheme. Mr. Couillard alleged that he had planned to start a consulting business with Dr. Porter, but later changed his mind before the project even got off the ground. In addition to that, Mr. Couillard was also grilled over keeping an offshore account in the island of Jersey in the 1990s, i.e. the when he was working as a neurosurgeon in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. Dear Mr. Couillard,
    I am glad that you brought up education on your last debate. Not only is English an asset in today’s
    business world, it is an asset to speak many other languages as possible, what is wrong with the PQ to build “walls” around Quebec. The people of Quebec where held hostage first by the church, then by Duplessie and no we have “Madam” doing it again… keep them on the “farm”!!. The PQ does not understand what ASSET means. To be good in Mathematics is also an asset, Maybe Madam M. would be much better in figures of the present financial state of Quebec, how much we receive in transfer-payment etc etc. To ignorant People you have to spell the word Asset, it dcomment_ID not mean to change the existing french language laws. The french language & traditions in Quebec are well protected, most English students and youth are bi-lingual. It would hold the French youth back much more by not knowing English. Hope you have a good week and win the election on the 7.

    P.S. Don’t take any punches without hitting back. Best Regards, G. Kienzer

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