Lukaszuk Asks Redford to Return to Work

Former deputy premier and potential PC leadership candidate, Thomas Lukaszuk, recently mentioned in a statement issued on Thursday that former premier and MLA for Calgary-Elbow, Alison Redford, should return to the legislature unless she is too ill to attend.

During an interview, Lukaszuk, alleged that “I haven’t talked to her for months now but my constituents expect me to show up to work every day and that’s what taxpayers are paying me for.” Moreover, Lukaszuk added that “if there is a serious health situation, then I imagine my constituents would understand, but in the absence of that, there is a clear expectation that we show up to work and perform the duties that we’re elected to perform.” Lukaszuk unambiguously reiterated on Thursday that he is seriously considering running for the premier’s job. He is the first Tory cabinet minister to have publicly questioned the former premier’s absence. He was replaced as deputy premier by Dave Hancock in Redford’s last cabinet shuffle in December.

MLA for Calgary-Elbow, Redford, has been absent in the legislature since her resignation from the premier’s position on March 23. Her decision to quit the job was mainly prompted by controversies surrounding her travel expenses and use of the government executive aircraft fleet. Redford’s office formally informed legislature Speaker on Wednesday that she was absent under a clause that permits MLAs to miss sessions in the assembly due to illness or injury, bereavement or government duties. However, no specific reason was mentioned in the letter.

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