Environment Minister Assures Mount Polley Area Fish Safe to Eat

Authorities have confirmed that latest test results show that it is safe to fish in the Mount Polley area in central B.C., where a tailings pond breach earlier this month caused huge environmental concerns. However, it was highly advised those planning to do so should refrain from consuming the liver and gonads.

While making the announcement on Friday, Environment Minister Mary Polak stated that samples collected on Aug 8 confirm show the fish meat is safe, except high levels of the chemical selenium in liver and gonads. It was mentioned that “those wishing to take extra precautionary measures may chose to remove the liver or gonads prior to consumption.” Polak stressed that you would have to eat a cup of them a day to go over the safety threshold. Meanwhile, the test results also showed that levels of copper were above aquatic guidelines in a couple of spots in Quesnel Lake. But since the samples were collected from deep within water, they are considered low risk for humans.

Polak added Interior Health has confirmed that the blue, wax-like sheen seen lingering on the water is also organic. She mentioned that “Interior Health has only been notified by one individual, we have not had any reports from anyone else regarding concerns about health. And in addition, we have not heard from any physicians in that area that they are seeing individuals coming forward with health concerns either.” Pollak concluded saying that further testing is being done.

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