PEI Double Homicide Act of Family Revenge

Alfred Vuozzo Jr. was the brother of Cathy Vuozzo killed 44 years ago by McGuigan victim’s father

By Stephen Pate – The Vuozzo and McGuigan families shared a tragedy 44 years ago that erupted again in an apparent revenge killing this week on St. Mary’s Road, PEI.

In 1970 Herbert McGuigan Sr.’s truck collided with the Vuozzo family van on the Commercial Road outside Montague, PEI, killing Cathy Vuozzo aged 9.

Sins of the father? – Herbert Brent McGuigan Jr. and Brandon McGuigan murdered in their St. Mary’s Road home (Picture Eastern Graphic supplied by McGuigan family)

On Wednesday night, it is alleged that Alfred Vuozzo Jr., Cathy Vuozzo’s brother,  murdered Herbert McGuigan Sr’s son and grandson in an act of revenge on St. Mary’s Road, Kings County, Prince Edward Island.

Vuozzo is reported to have shot 39-year old Brendon McGuigan first, allegedly to show the Herbert McGuigan what it feels like to lose a child.

68-year-old Herbert McGuigan Jr. tried to subdue Vuozzo but he too was shot to death, according to reports given to us.

Alfred Vuozzo Jr. left the home at 1522 St. Mary’s Road, PEI without harming Brendon McGuigan’s children, two of whom were reported to be in the home at the time. The whereabouts of Brendon McGuigan’s pregnant wife and third child, at the time of the murders, are not known.

The exact nature of what happened will be kept under wraps by the RCMP until the trial.  If Vuozzo pleads guilty to a charge, the evidence may never be released by the RCMP.

1522 St. Mary’s Road, Kings County, PEI scene of a double homicide (Google Street View)

The news stories on CBC and The Guardian that the man charged with two homicides on PEI this week did not know his victims are false.

“(The suspect and the victims) are not related by family or marriage,” said Butler, the RCMP media relations officer on Thursday.  “They did live relatively close to each other, 10 minutes apart,” reported The Guardian.

At noon today we emailed the Eastern Graphic and CBC News about the tragic family connection. Afterwards they published this story. Accused and victim’s families share tragic history.

The McGuigan 1970 accident

Alfred Vuozzo Sr. was driving in his van along The Commercial Road, that connects Murray River and Montague, PEI. His wife and children were in the panel van.

McGuigan was driving along the Greek River Road, which ends at The Commercial Road. McGuigan’s truck hit the Vuozzo van broadside behind the passenger side door.

St. Mary’s Road, scene of the double murder, and its proximity to Lower Montague where the accused lived and 1970 accident that killed his sister at The Commercial and Greek River Road, Kings County PEI (Google Earth map)

The Vuozzo vehicle apparently had the right-of-way on The Commercial.  McGuigan had a stop sign at the intersection of the Greek River Road and The Commercial.

The intersection at the Greek River Road is a complex stretch on The Commercial where the road from Murray River turns obliquely to the left at the intersection.  While it’s hard to tell if the Greek River road had a warning about the stop sign as it does today, there was apparently a stop sign on the Greek River Road.

Greek River Road intersection on The Commercial, Kings County, PEI (photo Google Street View)

Alfred Guy Vuozzo Jr.’s sister Cathy was nine years old at the time of the 1970 accident.  Cathy was thrown through the windshield of the van and died as a result of her injuries.

Alfred Jr.’s father, Alfred Vuozzo Sr, was treated for his injuries at the hospital. His wife and other children received minor injuries.

Cathy Vuozzo’s funeral was held at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Montague.  The Vuozzo family grieved her loss for decades.

Alfred Vuozzo Sr., the driver of the van, believed Herbert McGuigan Sr. was drinking and driving at the time.  At the very least, McGuigan failed to stop and yield to traffic on the Commercial.

In the mind of Alfred Vuozzo Sr. Herbert McGuigan got away “scott free” from the accident without any injuries and was never charged with a crime.

Herbert McGuigan died October 6, 1975 in St. Mary’s Road. He was buried at St. Paul’s Catholic Church situated at the end of St. Mary’s Road.

Deathbed confession

While the McGuigan’s and the Vuozzo’s lived in the same general proximity and were related  through marriage,  the loss of little Cathy festered as like an open wound within Alfred Sr, it is said.

The story is told that when little Cathy’s father Alfred Sr. lay on his death bed in 2011, he confessed to his son, the accused, that he regretted not taking his revenge on Herbert McGuigan for killing his precious little girl.

While we have no public statement from the accused Alfred Vuozzo Jr., the tragic events of their families no doubt was a motivating factor when he allegedly first killed Herbert McGuigan’s grandson on Wednesday night and then Herbert McGuigan’s son.


Eastern Graphic – Accused and victim’s families share tragic history

Friday, August 22, 2014 1:23 pm | Updated: 1:27 pm, Fri Aug 22, 2014. 

Wednesday’s chilling murder of a father and son while inside their home on a quiet rural PEI road is not the first time a shared tragedy has visited the Vuozzo and McGuigan families.

Today, Alfred Guy Vuozzo Junior, 46, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of father Herbert Brent McGuigan age 68 and his 39-year-old son Brendan. The pair was shot to death while inside their St. Mary’s Road West home.

In late November 1970 Brent’s father, Herbert McGuigan, who has since passed away, was the driver of a truck that collided near Commercial Road with a panel van driven by Alfred Vuozzo Senior. The accident claimed the life of nine-year-old Cathy Vuozzo, a sister of the man who now stands accused of Wednesday’s murders.

The Graphic reported at that time that Cathy Vuozzo died after being thrown from the vehicle. Two other children as well as the Senior Vuozzo received minor injuries. Herbert McGuigan was not injured.

Alfred Vuozzo Junior was apprehended without incident around 7:40am Thursday morning. He has been remanded into custody and will make his next court appearance next week.

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