Luka Magnotta Admits to Killing But Pleads Not Guilty

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The suspect in Canada’s prime killing and dismembering case involving a Chinese exchange student from Montreal in 2012 has confessed to the accused crimes on Monday, however his lawyer claims that he is schizophrenic and therefore not criminally responsible.

32-year-old Luka Magnotta confessed to five offences including killing Chinese student 33-year-old Chinese student, Jun Lin, but he also pled not guilty to each charge. Magnotta is charged with first-degree murder, committing indignities to Lin’s body and broadcasting obscene material. According to defense lawyer, Luc Leclair, “a person is not responsible if he or she suffers from a mental disorder at the time of the act.” Leclair highlighted that Magnotta has been seeing doctors for years by different psychiatrists and that he was diagnosed in Montreal in 2012 with having a borderline personality disorder. Whereas, Leclair added that other psychiatrists have diagnosed him with schizophrenia too.

Whereas on the other hand, prosecutor Louis Bouthillier presented surveillance images from Magnotta’s apartment building in Montreal in 2012, showing him walking with Jun Lin. He stressed that “these images from the surveillance cameras are the last images of Jun Lin alive.” The jury in the case consists of eight women and six men, out of which 2 will be dismissed at the end of the trial with the remaining 12 left to deliberate. Quebec Superior Court Justice, Guy Cournoyer, instructed jurors that “you must avoid all media coverage of this case” in order to “keep an open mind as the evidence is presented.”

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