Mayor Ford Addresses Media on Rare City Hall Visit

Addressing reporters outside Toronto City Hall for the first time since his diagnose, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford alleged that cancer has been the “worst event” that’s ever happened to him and shared that “some nights, I just cry myself to sleep.” Mr. Ford is undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer called liposarcoma.

Mr. Ford stressed that out of all the challenges faced by him in recent years “this is the hardest by far,” given that his recent past includes the time he confessed to drug and alcohol abuse, had his mayoral authorities stripped and was scrutinized in a Toronto Police investigation. Mr. Ford pointed out that “a lot of the stuff that I’ve gone through, most of it’s been self-inflicted, but when you get hit by cancer, that’s not self-inflicted.” According to the mayor, it has been a difficult experience also because of the fact that his own father died of cancer. He alleged that “I wasn’t in his shoes, but I saw what he went through” and so “I just told the doctor ‘I just don’t want to suffer. I really don’t want to suffer.’”

Moreover, the mayor shared the worst part is the effect on his family. He alleged that “it’s explaining to my kid what a will is” because “Stephanie’s 10 and Dougie’s seven – they know what’s going on at 10 and seven, and it’s heartbreaking at times…They say stuff like ‘Who’s going to tuck me in at night? Who’s going to take care of us?’ Some nights I just cry myself to sleep.”

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