NDP, Liberals Adamantly Refuse to Support Canadian Jets in Iraq

The Conservative government is all-set to go to war in Iraq despite having no support of either of the two main federal opposition parties, whose leaders have clearly announced not to back a government motion to join air strikes against Islamic State militants.

According to a statement issued by NDP Leader, Thomas Mulcair, the efforts in the past interventions in the Middle East have still not yielded anything and so another war in the region would not put an end to the current conflict. Whereas on the other hand, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stressed on Friday that his party was not adequately briefed on the government’s plans and is of the opinion that Canada can be more of help through non-combat means, such as airlifts and medical support. Despite resistance from opposition parties, Mr. Harper’s motion is anticipated to pass easily on Monday due to government having a majority of seats in the House of Commons. The motion will most likely call for Canada to join air strikes against Islamic State militants and contribute to military assets for a six-month period.

Addressing the House of Commons on Friday afternoon, Mr. Mulcair pointed out that “the tragedy in Iraq and Syria will not end with another western-led invasion in that region. It will end by helping the people of Iraq and Syria to build the political institution and security capabilities they need to oppose these threats themselves.” Mr. Mulcair stressed that “Canada, for our part, should not rush into this war.”

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