Court Hears about Return Addresses on Magnotta’s Packages

Convicted killer Karla Homolka’s sister, Lori Homolka, was shocked to learn that her name and address was used as return address on one of the packages containing a severed hand that Luka Magnotta mailed to Vancouver. Lori Homolka changed her name to Logan Valentini in 1996.

During Magnotta’s first-degree murder trial on Friday, Valentini alleged that she was first contacted by police in 2012 and asked if she had sent a package. In addition to Valentini, the son of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Hubert Chrétien, was also involuntarily involved in Magnotta’s scheme after his name and Gatineau address appeared on another package mailed to Vancouver. Both Chrétien and Valentini appeared briefly and separately via a video link on Friday. Valentini explained that the police refrained from sharing the case’s details with her so she searched online and saw the news about body parts showing up across the country. She testified that “I was stunned and wondered why I’d be dragged into something once again that had nothing to do with me.” Furthermore, Valentini shared that her sister was released from prison in 2005 after serving 12 years for manslaughter and is now living in Quebec and married to Thierry Bordelais.

Whereas on the other hand, Chrétien clarified that his name and address is publicly available on the Internet and if you Google his father’s name, the son’s name will appear as well. Even then, he stated that “I was surprised,” because “it was strange and I didn’t understand it.”

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