Tory to Take On Event Organizers, Developers to Ease Road Closures

Newly elected Toronto Mayor, John Tory, has recently mentioned that he is ready to face criticism and take the heat in order to open Toronto’s streets. He stressed that the city is prepared to get tough with event organizers and construction companies as a step to reduce the disruptions sometimes caused by road closures.

Addressing reporters after his first road closures co-ordination working group meeting on Friday, Mr. Tory stated that “when three groups — all worthy groups — all want to have their runs down Yonge Street in the same month, that’s very nice but we may have to say to one of them, ‘Maybe not until 2016, sorry.’” He said that “I’m prepared to take the heat for that, because it is in the public interest.” Mr. Tory has presented a well-known his six-point plan to fight congestion. However, he pointed out that changes might still not be visible until 2016, since many events are already planned and scheduled for next summer.

Having said that, the mayor highlighted that better communication of upcoming road closures could make life easier for Torontonians trying to move around the city. He said that “when people are not communicated with, they go to where they’re used to going and they find out too late they’re in a mess.” Additionally, Tory said that the city will also be raising the fees for developers who close lanes around their construction sites. He stressed that “developers have told me they can do just fine under a stricter regime when it comes to this stuff.”

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