Calgary Transit Police Vows to Take Vandalism Seriously

Calgary Transit has revealed to be inspecting a video showing an apparent act of vandalism and promised to take strict action against the culprits involved. The video shows a Calgary bus passenger trying to put the seat on fire with a cigarette lighter. According to the city transit security, vandalism is a criminal offense and incidents related to it are treated very seriously.

Public safety coordinator for Calgary Transit, Brian Whitelaw, mentioned in his remarks that “when we do come across incidents like this, we take a look at everyone we become aware of and we do try to identify the location the time, trying to make that identification and then pursue charges.” He stated that “we have been pretty successful in a lot of cases where through some painstaking work, we’ve been able to track down offenders.” In addition to that, the transit police revealed that shelters are also being hit by vandals, and there were record-breaking number of incidents recorded in Calgary last year. It was mentioned that the city’s 1,800 bus shelters face almost 400 damage incidents every year, but this year the number was reached in just the first six months of 2014.

Consequently, the City of Calgary announced to be officially investigating the sudden increase and aims to file a report in the next few months. Meanwhile, transit police confirmed that due to the extensive load on the New Year’s Eve, its security officers will be patrolling the system even though they don’t anticipate major issues on New Year’s Eve.

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