Lake Major Dam Flood Scare Prompts Evacuation of 100+ Homes

A serious flood scare at the Lake Major dam in Dartmouth has prompted officials to issue an evacuation order to hundreds of home owners in the area on Saturday morning. The officials confirmed that the threat was discovered when Halifax Water found a structurally unsound fish ladder at the dam during a routine inspection on Thursday.

According to the officials, a fish ladder failure might even lead to a complete failure of the dam due to which the evacuation order was issued to 135 homes along the Salmon River, which runs out of Lake Major, immediately on Friday night. An excavator could be seen reinforcing the fish ladder with boulders as of Saturday morning. Sources confirm that the residents are anticipated to be allowed back in their homes by Saturday night. A representative of Halifax Water, James Campbell, confirmed that “this was number one on our priority list,” adding that “work was planned but fortunately we were able to discover this problem before it caused major issues.”

The evacuees are recommended to stay at two key locations, namely the East Preston Recreation Centre and City Heights Church. The church’s pastor, Jason Cole, mentioned in his remarks that “we had about three dozen people here earlier, but most have left.” He added that “everyone seemed calm and no one was frustrated. I think it’s easier because it’s during the day so people have somewhere to go and things to do while they wait to get back home.”

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