Wildrose Says MP Anders’ Ineligible for Leadership Race

The president of Alberta’s Wildrose Party, Jeff Callaway, has mentioned in a press statement that the federal politician and Calgary MP, Rob Anders, is not eligible for party leadership candidacy. Mr. Anders was rumored to be eyeing the leadership position of Alberta’s official opposition. However, Mr. Callaway stressed that “this is case closed. We have a six-month membership rule, he isn’t a member and won’t qualify as a leadership candidate.” He added that even though the party can offer a membership waiver, Mr. Anders won’t be getting one.

According to several reports, Mr. Anders had been eyeing to run as the party leader. Quite noticeably, the he addressed an e-mail on Friday morning, which interfered in provincial politics and called on Alberta Premier Jim Prentice to cut spending as oil prices slide. According to Mr. Anders, he was still undecided on the Wildrose job at the time. The email said that the Progressive Conservative premier, Mr. Prentice, is coping with plunging budget revenues. Mr. Anders wrote that “as a very wise man once pointed out, the First Law of Holes is, stop digging.”

On the same day, the Wildrose finance critic, MLA Drew Barnes also criticized Mr. Prentice’s statements over previous days that Alberta’s 10-per-cent flat tax was a detriment to the province’s low- and middle-income earners. It was mentioned that “Premier Jim Prentice’s musings about implementing a regressive sales tax and attacking Alberta’s single-rate tax as being an obstacle to poor and middle-income families are inaccurate.”

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