Homeless Man Incident Triggers Boycott Vancouver Tim Hortons Campaign

Allegations of someone throwing water on a homeless man near Tim Hortons in downtown Vancouver have triggered a Facebook campaign calling for a boycott of the restaurant that has received thousands of supporters. According to a worker of a store nearby at 463 Robson St., Peggy Morrison, she watched it happen on Friday morning from her window.

Morrison revealed during an interview with CBC News that “it was 10:30 a.m. and I was in the middle of a conversation with a co-worker. I said, stop, stop. I don’t believe what’s about to happen across the street.” She revealed that a Caucasian man came out of the Tim Hortons with a bucket full of water and poured a great deal of it under a homeless man who was sleeping on cardboard and blankets with his dog. She added that “he didn’t throw it on him” but “he poured it underneath so the blankets and consequently the dog and the man were both soaked. The [homeless] man jumped up. He was obviously shouting. The dog looked shocked and they started moving all of their stuff around the corner to the entrance of the IGA, which is where they remained.”

In addition to that, Morrison further revealed that the man re-emerged from the Tim Hortons, this time with a straw broom, and swept beverage cups, sheets of cardboard and remains of plastic garbage bags from the sleeping mat down the sidewalk away from the store. Morrison’s co-worker, Arianne Summach, also expressed her anger towards the incident on Twitter and Facebook, while calling for a boycott of the Robson Street store. However, Tim Hortons responded to Summach and said that “this concerns us,” adding that “we want to know more. Please send us a DM with your phone number and we’ll reach out.”

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