Wikileaks: Prime Minister Harper is self-conscious

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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While politicians and diplomats run for cover the world is fascinated
Politicians are running for cover, sending out warnings like “Oops I didn’t mean to say that about you Mr. Prime Minister.” or “Wikileaks is a threat to the security of the Free World, or at least the sitting President of the United States.”
The public can’t get enough Wikileaks. Every day there are new stories about something scandalous that was sent in a cable back to Washington.
Canada is a wimp and Prime Minister Harper is self-conscious. Ghadafi likes buxom women. Well so does Rahim Jaffer.
It’s an international version of the world’s most popular sport after sex – gossip. We all love to talk about people. Now we know how those stuffy diplomats and politicians act behind closed doors.
We could have guessed but now we know for sure.
Hillary Clinton used to be cool. Now she’s just another stuffed shirt pontificating “this disclosure on just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests it is an attack on the international community.” It may be she conspired to carry out espionage on America’s neighbors. Very hot stuff!
I hope they don’t arrest Julian Assange before we hear all 251,287  juicy stories.  He’s a brave man to risk his personal safety to expose the duplicity of our leaders.

At least they know now with the Internet, everything can become public.

Perhaps the politicians will act more circumspectly or in the interest of mankind now that their dirty secrets are in the open.
Any writer worth his salt will be changing to a career writing spy and political thrillers based on what Assange has released.  John le Carré, Philip K. Dick and Tom Clancy look out.
Assange has been cut off his server – the wimps. They’ll make millions from the books written. He’s still on line. We’re glued to the computer reading the latest dispatches each day.
I can’t write about it anymore about Wikileaks in case the US government decides to take me out. Besides I’ve got lots of leaks to report on PEI’s government, albeit they are tame in comparison.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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