Canadian soldier dies fighting the enemy in Afghanistan

Canada has lost its 154th soldier in Afghanistan since its mission there started in 2002.
Cpl. Steve Martin, 24, of the Royal 22e Regiment, was killed while on foot patrol when an improvised bomb exploded. He was just 2 days short of his 25th birthday. Martin was from St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, near Drummondville, Que.
The Panjwaii district in Kandahar where the incident occurred had fallen back under Taliban control and the coalition had only managed to secure it again recently. NATO forces are building a road through the region, a key part of their offensive and Martin was patrolling near the construction project.
Martin is the first combat casualty since Cpl. Brian Pinksen died of wounds in hospital on Aug. 26. Pinksen was also caught in a roadside bombing.
154 members of the Canadian Forces have been killed Afghanistan since 2002. As well, four Canadian civilians have been killed, including one diplomat, one journalist and two aid workers.

We at Oye! Times humbly pay our respect to Cpl. Steve Martin’s family and the loved ones he left behind.

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  1. My condolences to Cpl Steve Martin’s family and friends. Thoughts and prayers are with all those who have died.

    I do find it interesting that in the comment_content_author_email for this newsletter it says, “…Cpl. Steve Martin, 25 died [u][b]fighting the enemy[/b][/u] in Afghanistan.”

    Two things come to my mind, the first being that we Canadians have always always always been [b]peace keepers[/b] not [b]fighters[/b], and we’ve unfortunately been dragged into this war. The second thought is who can prove beyond a doubt that it was the “enemy” who planted that bomb, and a mine that was left over from the Soviet invasion. I’m just saying.

    In any case, I hope our brave young men and women get out of there because it is not our place as Canadians to fight “the enemy”.

  2. For PPG

    It is hard to prove anything during war.

    I have no doubt that it was someone who wanted to kill soldiers of Nato countries.

    Nobody wants to see a 25 year old man die but like you sacomment_ID our prayers are with Steve Martin’s family.

    I respect your opinions.

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