Former Barista Files $1-M Employee Lawsuit against Starbucks Canada

A former Starbucks employee has filed a $1 million employee lawsuit against Starbucks Canada alleging that the company failed to uphold its legal duty to maintain a safe workplace. According to former Starbucks barista, 23-year-old Shannon Mishimagi, she was physically assaulted and threatened by her supervisor Gurjaspreet Jolly.

The application for the $1 million lawsuit against the coffee chain claims that Mishimagi was forced to work under the supervisor even though she complained about him to the management. Therefore, the company failed to uphold its duty to keep her workplace safe. In response to the allegations, Starbucks Canada’s spokesperson mentioned in a statement that the company could not yet comment on the specifics of the matter. However, it did say that “we take these claims very seriously as they are not consistent with our values and who we are as a company” and “Starbucks has robust policies and procedures for investigating partner complaints, which we have employed in this case. Since this is a personal matter involving one of our partners (employees), the details are confidential.”

Record shows that Starbucks has not yet filed a statement of defense in the case. Whereas on the other hand, Mishimagi’s statement of claim includes allegations of physical assault, verbal abuse, and multiple instances of being physically threatened. The claim goes on to say that a pattern of intimidating behavior included “threats to use various harmful substances in hazardous ways, and use of violent, disrespectful and threatening gestures.”

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