Edmonton police officer Geremy Howe charged with theft

An Edmonton Police Service constable has been charged with one count of theft under $5,000 in connection with an incident in November 2009.

EPS Professional Standards Branch members began an investigation after receiving an internal complaint regarding money seized on a search warrant.

Charged with one count of theft is Geremy Howe, 28. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 3, 2011.

The officer has been suspended without pay.


  1. I think a deeper look should be put on this cop…He has done much worse and should serve the consequences like the people he abused his athority to benefit himself

  2. If you took any person, not just police officers, and looked at their life under the microscope, you would find many inccomment_IDences that are less than praiseworthy. Police officers are faced with challenges that most people can’t even imagine. And I believe that, except for the few stories of innocent people being hurt by officers, the people who are treated badly by them deserve what they get.

  3. This is total bullcrap. The news people don’t even give the whole story behind this. They show the minor details that proves nothing. Reporters need to get the WHOLE story out, before the public deccomment_IDes to criticize the man for his “crime”. Under the whole investigation, I’m sure the investigators are just trying to bust his butt to prove a point. This is just sickening. We, as a human population, are turning on ourselves. Slowly but surely we are killing ourselves out. Under this “crime”, we need to look at this man’s character. He is probably an honest person, like everyone else, just confused at that moment of time. Humans are so into gossip, that we will rip ourselves up just to show a flaw in ourselves. Well look around! There is a flaw in every single person. Saying that you are perfect would be an insult to the human population. Instead of jumping on the first problem we see, and tearing the person to shreds, lets take a step back and look at the big picture!

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