Bernie Sanders Proposed To His Wife In The Most Wonderful Way

Photo: John Locher/AP Photo.
Romance might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but we can guarantee that by the end of this story, you’ll reconsider.

In an interview with People, the presidential candidate and his wife, Jane, shared the story of their relationship and engagement — and it's a tearjerker.
Apparently, Bernie and Jane Sanders had a long road to lifetime commitment. After meeting during Sanders’ mayoral campaign in 1981, they dated for eight years before breaking up. The reason? Jane wanted to get married and Bernie didn’t.

In a decision known to couples everywhere, the two took a “break.” That’s when Bernie started making his best moves. Staying in touch, Christmas with Jane and her kids, and finally, the moment of truth.

Bernie is a romantic soul. ”Look when you do a proposal, it has to be done with ambience," he told People. "Proper moment, proper lighting. Right? I'll let Jane tell you the rest of the story."

According to Jane, the couple were having ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s (très romantique!) when Bernie pushed to get back together. She refused, because she knew he didn’t want marriage. As the pair walked out to the parking lot, Bernie asked, “You want to get married?” Jane replied that he knew she did and she didn’t want to argue over it again.

That's when Bernie had to take Jane by the shoulders — in the middle of the Friendly’s parking lot — and repeat the question. This time, Jane got it.

The couple has been married for 27 years. Now we all know that Sanders is as passionate in his personal life as he is in his professional one.

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