TTC drivers texting while driving you home

The employees of the Toronto Transit Commission are under fire after being caught texting while driving buses. Alexia Schell took a bus then noticed the driver using his cell phone. At first she thought he was checking the time but no, he continued to text all while driving the bus. Considering the laws put in place to prevent the public from using cell phones while driving their cars, this behaviour does not shine a kindly light on the TTC. This Scarborough mother of two snapped the picture on the Lawrence bus around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.
The other incident occurred Wednesday on the 165 Weston Rd. North bus Wednesday afternoon. A passenger took a picture of the driver which was published in the Toronto Sun Friday.
An amendment to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act makes it illegal to talk, text, type, dial or e-mail using hand-held cellphones and other hand-held devices while behind the wheel. This went into force last October and if a motorist is caught doing it, it’s a $155 fine.
These recent photographs come more than a year after a picture of a snoozing TTC collector prompted a flood of public fury over substandard customer service on the transit system.

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