WestJet Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Assault by Pilot

WestJet is facing serious allegations by current and former employees who have expressed worrying concerns about the airline’s workplace culture. A lawsuit has been filed against the airline, claiming that it told a flight attendant to stay quiet about being sexually assaulted by a pilot.

The lawsuit filed by Mandalena Lewis explained that she was kissed and groped against her will by a man, identified only as “Pilot M,” during a layover at the Makena Beach Resort in Hawaii in January 2010. However, when Lewis reported the incident to WestJet, the airline not only failed to investigate the incident but also told her to “keep quiet.” Rather than investigating the incident, WestJet adjusted the pilot’s schedule so he wouldn’t be arrested by Hawaiian authorities.

In response to the lawsuit, one of the current employees of the airline revealed on Thursday that it has left some WestJet workers feeling unprotected. It was mentioned that “WestJet dropped the ball. Our people were not taken care of,” adding that “flight attendants are… fearful that the company has allowed this to go unchecked for as long as it has.” It was pointed out that “management has outright said that they will expunge people who are causing disruption within the workplace, and that people who are questioning the system are no longer welcome.” In her lawsuit, Lewis claims she was fired in January, almost eight years after she started with WestJet, for demanding the airline to explain how it had investigated her alleged assault.

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