Working Group Formed by Canada, U.S. to Fix No-Fly List Issues

Federal Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, has announced that Canada and the U.S. have formed a working group in order to resolve problems related to the no-fly lists of both countries. According to Goodale, the bilateral Redress Working Group will allow the government officials to communicate and help ensure availability of the most accurate information.

It was explained that the system employed by Canada “piggybacks” onto the systems from airlines whereas the American system is operated by the U.S. government. Goodale further elucidated that “the American system is a standalone system run by the government and the database is entirely interactive and in that way, the American authorities are able to deliver those redress solutions very quickly.” Goodale revealed that experts are considering to build an entirely new system so the Liberal government is looking for both short- and long-term solutions. He alleged that “we are looking at the practical ways where we can find solutions in the short-term for the false positives that are popping up and then redesign the whole thing for the longer term which will mean an entirely new database and information system and that takes some time.”

The Canada and the U.S. governments promised to form a body within 60 days for the no-fly list issue during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to the White House in March. Goodale alleged that “we took advantage of that opportunity to establish a redress working group between both countries to draw this together as effectively as we can to eliminate this problem.”

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