Chinese Flag Raised in Vancouver Causes Controversy Online

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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chinese flag raised in vancouver causes controversy onlineThe Chinese flag hoisted on a ceremonial pole in Vancouver City Hall’s North Plaza on Friday has received a lot of criticism online. The allegations were primarily raised in an online petition and series of social media posts.

The ceremonial pole has previously flown the pride and trans flag, along with a number of other countries, but the swift online reaction on raising China’s flag was prompted by criticism of Chinese Human Rights violations. Former COPE Mayoral candidate, Meena Wong, mentioned in a statement issued on Facebook that “my family and I suffered greatly under that national flag. During the infamous Cultural Revolution, the red guards wearing red scarves came to our home and took everything valuable. … No, I don’t want to see the Chinese national flag raised in the city of Vancouver on civic property and by a city counsellor [sic].”

An online petition is calling raising “a foreign country’s national flag in front of the Vancouver City Hall … absolutely unacceptable,” and takes aim at Councillor Kerry Jang’s red scarf, which it describes as having “a strong political implication, meaning the struggle for communism.” The petition goes on to ask for Jang’s resignation but she mentioned in her reply that “that’s just racism at its worst, and the vilification of anybody. You know it could be Chinese today, it could be Mexicans, or it could be somebody else tomorrow. And that is just ridiculous and those types of people I just don’t have time for.”

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