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On the 12th of October in Dubai, ICC’s chief executive David Richardson announced the pathway to ICC World Test Championship revealing the event brand logo.

The top four teams in the World Test Rankings on December 31st, 2016 will qualify for the three-match semi-finals to be held in 2017, provisionally scheduled in England.

Only time will tell if this championship turns out to be a hit or whether it actually happens.

Somehow it doesn’t seem to be a ‘worldly’ tournament with matches to be played only in England.

Here’s my take on how the tournament can be scheduled.


Divide this tournament into two phases.

1st Phase – To be played in India,Sri Lanka,Australia & New Zealand. 
2nd Phase – To be played in England.
*Venues for the next edition may/can be changed. The above venues are taken just as a reference giving example for a test championship format 1st edition.


Ten test playing nations to participate in two Groups.
Groups may be divided on alternate rankings as on a specific date.
Like for this example, current month ICC test rankings are taken.

Current ICC Rankings (As on 20th Dec’13) :


Rank Team Matches Points Rating
1 South Africa 27 3531 131
2 India 33 3920 119
3 England 38 4407 116
4 Pakistan 25 2538 102
5 Australia 33 3318 101
6 West Indies 25 2366 95
7 Sri Lanka 26 2295 88
8 New Zealand 30 2243 75
9 Zimbabwe 11 372 34
10 Bangladesh 16 285 18













Based on the rankings, teams to be divided into following groups :

Group A
Group B
South Africa (1) India (2)
England (3) Pakistan (4)
Australia (5) West Indies (6)
Sri Lanka (7) New Zealand (8)
Zimbabwe (9) Bangladesh (10)








In a group, each team plays the other team once.


Below is a tailor-made schedule!

Matches scheduled in UAE for both groups to mark the headquarters of ICC. Countries like Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka which do not organize the tournament as per the schedule created below, may organize the 2nd edition thereby which the tournament can be a held globally. 

*All the schedules are just for reference so as to understand the concept. Dates and venues can definitely be altered!

Phase I

Group A

Venue – South Africa, Zimbabwe, UAE

Match No. Match Date Venue
1 Australia v England 1st to 5th Nov Cape Town
2 England v Zimbabwe 1st to 5th Nov Harare
3 South Africa v Sri Lanka 9th to 13th Nov Durban
4 Australia v Zimbabwe 9th to 13th Nov Harare
5 Sri Lanka v England 17th to 21st Nov Port Elizabeth
6 South Africa v Zimbabwe 17th to 21st Nov Centurion
7 Australia v Sri Lanka 25th to 29th Nov Abu Dhabi
8 South Africa v England 25th to 29th Nov Johannesburg
9 Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe 3rd to 7th Dec Harare
10 Australia v England 3rd to 7th Dec Dubai

Group B 

Venue – India, Bangladesh, UAE




Match No. Match Date Venue
1 India v Pakistan 3rd to 7th Nov Mohali
2 West Indies v New Zealand 3rd to 7th Nov Bangalore
3 Pakistan v Bangladesh 11th to 15th Nov Dhaka
4 India v West Indies 11th to 15th Nov Chennai
5 New Zealand v Bangladesh 19th to 23rd Nov Dhaka
6 Pakistan v West Indies 19th to 23rd Nov Dubai
7 India v New Zealand 27th to 1st Dec Mumbai
8 West Indies v Bangladesh 27th to 1st Dec Mirpur
9 Pakistan v New Zealand 5th to 9th Dec Abu Dhabi
10 India v Bangladesh 5th to 9th Dec Kolkata














The top two teams from each group proceed into the Semi-finals.


Phase II – (Next calendar year)


Semi – finals


  Semi-final 1st Test 2nd Test 3rd Test
Match 1 Group A 1st v Group B 2nd 5th to 9th June 13th to 17th June 23rd to 27th June
Venue   Lords Edgbaston Taunton
Match 2 Group A 2nd v Group B 1st 4th to 8th June 12th to 16th June 23rd to 27th June
Venue   Oval Headingly Trent Bridge


World Test Championship Finals


  Match Date Venue
Final Semi-final 1 winner v Semi-final 2 winner 1st to 6th July (6 day match) Lords





By this, we can have a tournament played in the best of the test cricket stadiums around the world.

Scoring System

Match points

•    For an outright win after leading on the first innings: 6
•    For an outright win after a tie in the first innings: 6
•    For an outright win after being behind on the first innings: 6
•    For a tie where both teams have completed two innings (irrespective of the first innings result): 3
•    For a first innings lead (to be retained even if beaten outright): 2
•    For an outright loss after leading on the first innings: 2
•    For a tie on the first innings (and no outright result): 1 each
•    For an outright loss after a tie in the first innings: 1
•    For a loss on the first innings: 0
•    For an outright loss after being behind on the first innings: 0
•    Abandoned or drawn matches with no first innings result: 0

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