The Jerry Sandusky Trial: Second accuser takes the stand

Jerry Sandusky’s second day at trial began today with emotional testimony from a second alleged victim. The victim, now 18, testified about abuse that began at one of the summer camps run by Sandusky. The first incident happened when he was as young as 11 and indicated a pattern of progressively serious contact between the former assistant coach and the child.

The victim said that what started as sporadic became regular after a few years, with the child frequently spending the night with Sandusky. Encounters took place in locker rooms, showers, at school at in Sandusky’s car. Sandusky performed oral sex on the boy and asked for the same in return. In one example, a high school coach walked into a wrestling room while Sandusky had the boy pinned down. Sandusky was surprised by the intrusion and jumped up, telling the coach that he was teaching the boy wrestling moves.

The victim broke into tears several times during the nearly hour long questioning by prosecutor Joseph McGettigan. He explained how after the abuse began that he started wetting the bed and losing sleep. He also got into fights at school and suffered a variety of behavioral issues.

The direct testimony was followed by a surprisingly rough cross-examination by defense attorney Joseph Amendola. Amendola attempted to show that the alleged victim told several different versions of his story, one to state troopers, one to psychologists and another to the grand jury. The victim explained that he did fudge details but did so out of embarrassment about the extent of their sexual contact.

This testimony followed Monday’s testimony by yet another accuser, this one 28 years old. The victim explained in graphic detail how he was assaulted repeatedly in the showers at Penn State. He was showered with gifts by Sandusky including athletic memorabilia, electronics and name brand clothing.

Also on Tuesday was Mike McQueary, the former Penn State graduate assistant. Who testified that he said he saw Sandsuky and a boy in a shower back in 2001. He explained how he hard skin on skin slapping and motion from Sandusky’s pelvic region. He was too shocked to react appropriately and left immediately after making noise by slamming a locker door.

Sandusky is on trial for 52 criminal counts of abusing 10 boys over the course of many years. It’s expected that eight accusers will testify on about the abuse they suffered.

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