NBA Finals Game 1 Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder Watch Live Online Streaming

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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With Lil Wayne in the crowd the real business of NBA Finals begins today with Game 1 a matchup featuring the two best players going for a first NBA title.

"It's going to bring the best out of both of them, and it's going to be the best for the game, and it's going to be a great show and it's going to be a good matchup," Heat guard Dwyane Wade said.

"I understood the situation he was getting himself into, being drafted as high as he was, and the things that came with being drafted to a team that needed a marquee player or a superstar," James said. "I always lent my hand out to guide him if he needed it, to help him, to mentor him if he needed it through anything, and that's on and off the floor.

"Our relationship is really good. Our relationship is going to continue to grow, and I'm happy to be in this position where I can compete against him."

"That was a fun game, and it's something I'm always going to remember," said Durant, who did not miss an opportunity to show up for the players' pickup games during the lockout. "That summer is something I'm always going to remember."

It was a show, but just that, for show. Even then, the idea danced in James' mind. "I envisioned us getting to this point," he said then of meeting in the Finals.

Stay tuned. Live stream of Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder will 15 minutes before the game.

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