Verstappen Bids Farewell to Honda Amidst Aston Martin move


This article was last updated on May 26, 2023

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Verstappen Bids Farewell to Honda Amidst Aston Martin move

Max Verstappen expressed disappointment that Honda was leaving Red Bull after securing tremendous success with their joint operations in F1. Verstappen felt it was unfortunate that the Japanese company would move to Aston Martin from 2026, leaving Red Bull to establish its engine subsidiary.

Verstappen Expresses Disappointment

Verstappen expressed his disappointment to the news about Honda’s departure during a press conference ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. He mentioned that although it was good news for Aston Martin, he is sad to see that Honda is leaving Red Bull Racing.

Verstappen highlights the Success he Enjoyed with Honda

Max Verstappen enjoyed massive success with Honda’s engine, which has powered his car since 2019, and he won two world titles with it. Despite Honda’s announced final departure from Formula 1 at the beginning of 2021, Red Bull Racing managed to extend the engine’s supply until 2025. Honda’s idea was to make a permanent exit after 2025, but by deciding to join Aston Martin from 2026, it has closed the lid on any extension.

Red Bull to Establish Its Engine Shaft

Red Bull Racing is moving on from the Honda engine as they are establishing their own engine subsidiary in collaboration with Ford. Verstappen acknowledged that the team now gearing towards developing its own engine, which is why Honda and Red Bull Racing’s working relationship has to come to an end.

Verstappen Eyes a Bright Future with Ford

Verstappen is looking to the future in a positive light, particularly to the team’s new engine deal with Ford that will commence in 2026. Red Bull and Ford are partnering for the new engine, and Verstappen views the collaboration with the American automotive company as the way forward.

Monaco Grand Prix Schedule

The Monaco Grand Prix is set to take place over the weekend, with the following schedule:

  • Friday 13.30-14.30: First free practice
  • Friday 5-6 PM: Second free practice
  • Saturday 12.30-13.30: Third free practice
  • Saturday 4-5pm: Qualifying
  • Sunday 3 p.m.: Race
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