Was the Ron DeSantis Twitter launch sabotaged?


This article was last updated on May 26, 2023

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Social media has become a crucial factor for politicians to connect with their audiences and spread their message. In recent times, an efficient and well-managed social media campaign can determine if a political campaign will be successful. Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida announced his presidential campaign through a live stream on Twitter. However, the event was riddled with technical glitches and delays that led some to question if the issues were deliberately caused.

The Ron DeSantis Twitter Launch

On October 20th, 2024, Ron DeSantis partnered with Twitter CEO Elon Musk to formally launch his presidential campaign. During the live stream, there were numerous delays and technical glitches that disrupted the event. The stream frequently cut in and out, sound was frequently lost, and the whole event suffered from a lack of coordination. It was the most chaotic and disastrous presidential launch event witnessed in US history.

Sabotage or an accident?

Following the event, some close to the campaign speculated that Elan Musk may have intentionally sabotaged the live stream to hurt Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign. The unfounded speculation triggered rumors about whether Musk was motivated by anger at Ron’s fight with Disney or his ridiculous campaigns to ban books. However, none of these claims have been substantiated, and it is tough to determine if the technical faults were caused intentionally or by accident. Ron DeSantis himself stated that the issues with the Twitter launch were non-deliberate and that the event had merely suffered from a technical issue.

The Aftermath

The Twitter fiasco dealt a mighty blow against Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign. The launch had all the markings of a doomed opening ceremony, and it popularized ridicule and mockery on social media among both DeSantis supporters and critics alike. The Governor has since that time opted out of any additional Twitter streams or social media stunts.


In conclusion, it is unclear, at best, whether the Twitter launch was an accident or intentional. With no clear evidence of sabotage, the rumors of Elon sabotaging the live stream seem to be unfounded speculation and gossip. Regardless, the disastrous tweet launch has left Ron DeSantis with a lot of damages to control as his path to the presidency hits a snag.

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