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Abdi Nageeye

This article was last updated on April 15, 2024

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“Feeling half-Kenyan”, Nageeye makes stride in marathon world

Noting their shared understanding, Ahmed Aboutaleb and runner Abdi Nageeye shared a nod of acknowledgement shortly after midday last Sunday in front of the town hall entrance on Coolsingel. Both indulged in a warm handshake and sincere pats on their backs, basking in their shared accomplishments.

Aboutaleb, after delivering stellar service for fifteen years as Rotterdam Mayor, is leaving office. Conversely, Nageeye had just participated in the country’s largest and most popular marathon event for the sixth time. This was also his second victory, setting a Dutch record. His previous timing of 2.04.56 in 2022 was outdone as he finished this time with an incredible 2.04.45.

After the race, Nageeye strolled into the Rotterdam council chamber. Between his triumphant cup and a lavish bouquet of flowers, he was in high spirits and met the mayor in his office—a platform for him to retrospect on his victory.

Focusing on Los Angeles 2028

During this meeting, Nageeye announced to his audience his ambitious aim for the future. Despite being 35, he perceives age as just a number in his life at this stage.

The Vice-Olympic Champion of Tokyo found it hard to put words to describe his form. “I felt incredibly powerful today,” he remarked. “My training in the past few months was often more challenging than this race. If only all marathons could be this easy.” Nageeye jokingly added, “I felt like I was half-Kenyan.”

It appears that the prospect of Nageeye ending his career in 2025 is far less likely now. He intends to gain more mileage in the coming years, “Possibly another three or four years, at least,” he confessed. “I genuinely believe I can make it to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.”

Success with the Rotterdam marathons

The Rotterdam events hold a special place in Nageeye’s career. He emerged as the national champion in his second Rotterdam marathon in 2015, clocking 2:12:33. Then, in the same city two years later, he improved his record to 2.09.34. This was the third-best Dutch time ever run at the classic 42.195 meters.

In 2022, Nageeye had his first moment of glory, winning the race at an impressive 2.04.56—known until Sunday as the Dutch record. His third-place 2.05.32 performance in the 2023 edition was further eclipsed by this year’s outstanding victory, which saw him beating his best-ever timing by eleven seconds.

Eyeing Paris 2024

With the Olympic marathon in Paris only four months away, Nageeye’s preparations are on course. The seasoned runner has grown into a top-ranking competitor who doesn’t succumb to last-minute changes in training or diet.

His commitment helps him better plan his strategy, shoes choices, and nutrition, aiming for his goals confidently. He curate his schedules with meticulous attention, routinely consulting his new coach Louis Delahaije.

With Delahaije’s guidance, deviation from the training plan is no longer an option for Nageeye. “I’m presently following a perfect schedule,” he asserts. “People often think getting to this stage means you’re too old. I believe I am an exception.”

Being a top athlete and a family man

Aside from being a world-class marathon runner, Nageeye also fulfilled his roles as a husband and father with commendable dedication and passion. Going on long training camps in isolation is no longer his modus operandi. He trains on weekdays at the base camp in Kaptagat, Kenya, while weekends are dedicated to his family in Eldoret.

With these changes to his life and career, it powers Nageeye with newfound determination and increased his ability to run possibly until Los Angeles 2028. However, even before that, he plans to participate in the Olympic marathon in Paris later this year.

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