Now, make your sex life ‘greener’

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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After eco-friendly bulbs and cars, wondering what more you can do to help the planet? Well, go green between the sheets.

Intimacy in the bedroom is not only healthy for your relationship but it can be good for the environment, too, if you use the following tips, reports Fox News.

Here are 8 ways to make your sex life a little more eco-friendly:

Eco-lingerie: Slippery and stylish, eco-undies and other fine undergarments are now made of hemp silk, organic cotton, bamboo, and other renewable fibers.

Bamboo sheets: Make over your bed with silky bamboo fabric. These eco-friendly, luxury sheets come from a renewable source and are usually grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals.

Sustainable wooden paddles: Coco de Mer makes top of the line sustainable wooden paddles complimented with fair-trade leather wrist cuffs.

Local flowers: Try to use locally grown or seasonal flowers when wooing your lover. They’re right there and don’t require using as many fossil fuels by coming from miles away.

Organic wine: When wining and dining each other, go for wines made from certified organically grown grapes. These are grown without any chemical fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers and other synthetic chemicals.

Organic lubricants, vibrators: Companies are starting to make lubricants free of parabens and petro-chemicals, like Babeland Naturals Organic Lube. Sex toy industry has also started to make vibrators out of elastomer, a latex-free material that doesn’t contain phthalate – which can cause birth defects.

Environmentally friendly condoms: Consider using the sheepskin condom, for it is biodegradable.

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