Dealing with a flirtatious partner

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Dealing with a flirtatious partnerThere are only two ways to deal with your partner’s roving eye – grit your teeth and ignore it. Or announce ‘finito’!

Flirting, unfortunately, is a relationship hazard most of us have had to put up with. While love gurus claim a little bit of ‘exploration’ keeps the spark alive, you need to ensure that the spark doesn’t burn the relationship dead. Readers reveal the tricks of walking the tightrope.

Uday Prakash

HNI relationship manager in an insurance firm

Men can get as affected as women when it comes to flirting. I have a simple funda: don’t let it hang if it bothers you. Don’t create a scene or be nasty; just face it head on.

Once, I was out with my girlfriend at a bar. She was hugging me and suddenly I noticed her eyeing a group of guys. I immediately confronted her. It worked – she stopped!

Harmless flirting is ok. But watch out for the danger signals; like when words graduate to touching! That’s when you need to be on your guard.

Sanghmitra Sahay

Sales and marketing professional

To gain control over your man, loosen some control. Of course, it is disconcerting to see your partner cosy up to others. But handle the matter with dignity, instead of getting perturbed. Never ever spy on him; instead, be calm and cool and let him explain.

If a girl tries to get overfriendly with my husband, I ignore it. If it doesn’t work, I try to strike up a rapport with her and even tease him about it!

It doesn’t mean you let your guard down too much. You can always gauge how serious a flirtation is. But don’t overreact.


Tips on how to deal with a flirtatious partner

– Focus on the reasons behind his/ her flirting. Get in touch with your own self-confidence to prevent insecurity
– Being attracted to other people does not necessarily mean that your partner wants to cheat on you with all of them. Your lover might simply acknowledge the good looks and stop at that point
– If the flirting truly bothers you, then be upfront about it. Have an honest discussion instead of just getting angry and bottling up your feelings

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