Foreplay beyond the bed!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sex may end between the sheets, but that’s certainly not where it begins. TOI tells you what to do (outside the bed) for a spunkier sex life .

Scented candles and flavoured condoms -the paraphernalia is in place, and boy, you were never more ready. It begins with foreplay and before you know, it’s over – as unfulfilling as you dreaded. Setting up the supplies is only the icing. What’s needed primarily is the passion for each other, which sadly enough isn’t available on e-commerce sites. Here’s what you can do to increase the satisfaction quotient

Go shop
Relax. You needn’t necessarily buy. Head to a nearest mall and let the brands do the needful. Help your partner try out outfits that makes him/her look attractive. After all, feeling attracted and attractive is the basis for passionate intimacy.

Do the karaoke
Sing to your partner. Yes, it’s embarrassing to some, way too mushy for others and old-fashioned for most, but it works. So, head to the nearest karaoke night, and let your hearts out with romantic duets. You needn’t be a Kishore Kumar or Asha Bhonsle, but the warm numbers will reignite the passion.

Head to the kitchen
It’s tough to switch channels when a cricket match is on. Still, it is not difficult to don the chef’s hat and help her cook. Lick the chilli sauce off each other’s fingers and show off some of your mixing and whipping skills.

Click it right
Revisit those cherished moments by going through family albums and home videos. It will only remind you how special your partner’s presence is. That feeling of togetherness and emotional intimacy is what ultimately manifests in physical attraction.

Travel time
It’s time to put those leaves to good use. Check out travel brochures and plan your next holiday. Good old Mahabs can work just as well as a Paris or Barcelona. The shared experience will only bring you closer.

Comic quotient
Catch a stand-up comic show or order in that rib-tickling DVD to watch after dinner. If not that, get a book and read out those ridiculous jokes to each other. Those light-hearted moments drain out stress.

Get the right moves
Play cards or challenge each other at a board game. The rules remain the same barring one small anomaly – the winner’s wish is the loser’s command. The adrenaline levels will soar as the game approaches its finish, but the real fun will be only after the game is over.

Spend time doing ‘NOTHING’
Cuddle on a comfortable sofa with an endless supply of starters and chilled drinks. The endless chats about anything and everything will help you appreciate each others company. When both partners feel valued and loved, the connect is deeper, more meaningful, and it is only out of such close moments that true physical intimacy develops.

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