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This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Your body language and actions speak louder than words, at least for a healthy sexual relationship. There are several signals and gestures from your partner which normally you may miss on a routine day. But often it’s these expressions of love that indicate that your partner is all set for a night of passion.

From planning a lavish dinner, getting clad in sexy outfits to exchanging naughty messages throughout the day or showering your lover with surprise gifts… these are indications that your partner wants to get cosy. Now it is entirely up to the other partner as how quickly they catch these clues and get ready for some bedroom action.

We list some of the lesser known ‘signs’ from your mate, which would help you decode their sex language easily. Experts too lend some handy tips to make this ‘read between the lines’ experience more exciting…

Dressed to kill : How often would you see your partner clad in a sexy revealing attire without any occasion? Not each day, of course! But if their sensuous style of dressing grabs your attention, it’s very likely that they are angling towards an intimate session. Flaunting see-through lingerie in sensuous shades of red often points out that a woman expects to be loved.

Hot tip : Body language expert Rita Gangwani suggests, “Make it a point to indulge in a sensual play with a provocative undressing to ignite sexual passion. The best way is to go slow because the charm gets lost if you undress all at once, so instead play a game and ask you mate to shed clothes one by one.”

Kids are fast asleep : Some partners have a tendency to baby-sit their kids or remain indulged with teenage kids despite the other mate waiting to make love. In such cases with the kids around, the passion gets spoilt. So what if your mate has got the kids to go to bed early on a particular night? Well, there are chances that he/she is charged for a steamy romp.

Hot tip : Relationship counsellor Dr. Chitra Bakshi says, “When one partner has made sure that the kids do not come in way of their private moments, they need to be extra discreet about their love-making acts. The couple shouldn’t make much noise, as couples tend to get hyper during these acts, so the best would be to do it on the floor. Also, make sure that locks are working properly and curtains are drawn.”

Magic with aphrodisiacs : Cooking delectable dishes is the best way to tempt your partner. And if the ingredients happen to be aphrodisiacs, there is no reason that your partner would not understand the sexual signs. Aphrodisiacs like grapes and strawberry are ultimate wonder fruits. You can dip them in whipped cream and invite you partner to taste it.

Hot tip : Psychologist Dr. Ratan Kumar states, “Once it has been conveyed through a romantic dinner that you’re on for a sexual session, make sure that you relish the food by serving each other in a loving manner. Best would be to treat each other sensually, which would help keep the mood alive for passionate moments in bed.”

Break time from office : It’s not very often that your partner heads back home early or takes a leave from office without any reason just to be at home (with you). But if they do and more so, if they put their mobile on the silent mode, it’s apparent that their romantic senses are highly stimulated.

Hot tip : Rita asserts, “When your mate has shown a clear interest for some wild action, all you need is to make sure that you too arrange for a break from your workplace and enjoy the pleasure. Once that’s in place, utilise the time to build an exotic environment in your bedroom and let your partner know that you’re equally geared up.”

Surprises to woo : One of the most predictable ways of reading your partner’s mind is the love surprises that they give in the form of gifts. Though it’s not always that giving a gift implies their intension to get intimate, but on certain occasions when the gift comes unexpected or reminds you of some intimate moments cherished earlier, it might be that your beau wants some hot passion.

Hot tip : “Whenever gifts are of a sexual nature like a red flower, a card with some intimate images, lingerie or s heady perfume with an arousing smell, it’s a clear hint that it’s time for a lovemaking night. You just need to ensure that you express it to the other partner that you loved their gifts and it has actually aroused your sexual senses,” recommends Dr. Chitra.

Naughty texts do the talk : Not many couples prefer exchanging romantic messages with their better half during his/her office hours. But if either of the partners is sounding keen and sending naughty messages repeatedly, it might clearly point out that they want some hot sex.

Hot tip : “A text message is possibly the best medium to express what’s on your mind at a given time. Here, the partner on the receiving end must try to respond in a similar way so that the sexual passion is at its peak by the time they reach home. But do not give in easily and let the other partner keep guessing about your mood,” advices Rita.

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