Married Life: Marriage Fifteen

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Some live life as though as it’s a sprint while others conform to the philosophy that it’s a marathon. From the sounds of it you wouldn’t blame anyone if they assumed it was a calorie-burning event! The only thing is, whoever came up with the metaphor obviously never experienced marriage. If life is considered a sprint or a marathon, marriage could be compared to a buffet between McDonalds and Burger King!

When teenagers graduate to University and embrace the lifestyle change, they tend to put on a great deal of weight, on average of 15lbs, and this process is referred to as ‘The Freshman Fifteen’. One can apply the same metamorphosis to the first year of marriage except; it may not stop at 15lbs or at the first year or marriage!

There are several factors that attribute to ‘The Fattening’ such as the celebrations, mothers that only seem to communicate through food and then there is the individual’s lack of discipline. For instance, one morning I was checking my email while in bed when I noticed Mrs.B waking up uncharacteristically early. She smiled, got out of bed and left the room and returned moments later with a napkin. She got back under the covers, unfolded the napkin and revealed a few slices of cake!

Once she inhaled the chocolaty fruitcake, Mrs.B pulled the covers over and went back to sleep. Who could’ve ever imagined that sleeping was exercising! Perhaps Mrs.B was dreaming about spinning and felt she needed some sugar before heading back to her subconscious workout.

Marriage Tip No. 40:

Sprint or Marathon, Marriage is fattening!

Welcome To our Marriage 15…..& then some!

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