Sure-shot tips to seduce your man

So, fate is being good to you and has placed a guy, who could make Brad Pitt look like a dweeb, on the barstool next to yours.

Though you may not be the type to flirt with the opposite sex, an opportunity like this may not present itself ever again. Go for it but follow these sure-fire tips to seduce him.

Talk what you know
Don’t be one of those girls who claim to be in love with automobiles just to impress a guy. Sure, most guys will pretend to fall for it, but to get his full attention and make yourself stand out, choose a subject that you’re well-versed in.

Impressive job
Most people find their jobs boring, but anything can be made to sound as exciting and intelligent as rocket science. Work in a call centre? Call your self a client-service executive who gets the opportunity to meet new people every day (don’t mention it’s over the phone!).

In the cut
It’s not really fair, but neither is life. Just like a large swallow of alcohol, an ample show of cleavage makes their brains go fuzzy. Soon, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Just be sure to bring him up to your face level now and then.

Order a man’s drink
Just like they get turned on by a girl who eats big dinners (but remains thin as a rail), guys love chicks who can handle a few ‘manly’ pegs. As you approach the bar, skip the umbrella-ed pink margaritas and order a whiskey on the rocks instead. See his jaw drop in approval and try not to cringe too much as you sip.

Be sensuous
Easier said than done, we agree. But a little leaning in here and a slight touch of hand there and he’ll definitely get the ‘I want you’ signals. If you’re a good dancer, move gracefully to the music. But pick your song wisely-there can be no sexy moves to the Venga Boys tracks!

If he doesn’t show any signs of being interested after you’ve tried our tips, just pat yourself on the back for doing something you’ve never done before. If he’s not interested, it’s probably because he’s gay anyway!

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