My First Sexual Encounter with a Russian Girl in Moscow

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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I never thought that sex traveling is such a great thing to be involved in… But now I am totally into it. However, using location-based applications is quite a dangerous idea. You see, when you are in a familiar environment as your city or neighborhood, you would not be afraid to meet people under any circumstances (even though you should always be careful using those). But when you are new to this city, you should better meet people you have known for some time before. That is why, when I was going to visit the Russian Federation as a part of my Eastern European tour, I used a relevant dating site to meet some girls beforehand. It was meet Russian Wife and I recommend it for anyone who wants to meet a Russian girl for marriage, relationships, or any particular purpose you can imagine. So, here’s my story about a Russian woman.

I came to Moscow early on Friday. Of course, I didn’t force her to meet me at the airport (although, I wouldn’t mind; this city is insane and everything’s dark-gray and uninviting). I called her later. By the way, her name was Maria. I assume it’s a popular name in the Slavic world. We arranged our meeting on the evening in a bar. She said she’s not a hard drinker but the atmosphere there should be great. I know you are waiting for me to tell about our sex, but let me add something about the city itself. Even though my first several hours there were rather dull and revolting, I eventually started noticing the beauty of Russian girls. Those cuties, just as any Slavic girls, looked unbelievable themselves. Nonetheless, they look after themselves very attentively. I was walking down the Arbat in the early morning – and I saw girls that looked like they were heading to clubs, restaurants, or something like that! Skirts, skin-tight jeans, high heels, full-face makeup… An average American woman would only wear such outfit if she was about to meet the president or get married.

Maria looked stunning. Platinum-blonde hair, long legs, bright eyes, and those breasts… oh gosh, she looked surprisingly similar to what I expected based on her photos, even though all the photographs on the site were obviously retouched. Nevertheless, her dress wasn’t too revealing. I still had a lot left to my imagination. She had two cocktails and I had some whiskey, and then she suggested we could have an evening stroll (although I’d better get my dick jerked off by that time). Here seductive gazes made me feel so horny. The biggest difference between Slavic women and other girls in the world is that they keep their sexiest parts (both mental and physical) out of everyone’s sight instead of making them overly obvious. No deep cleavage or extra tight dresses! And that excites the most.

After the walk, I offered her to come to my place and have coffee. Well, yeah, coffee. That is what we decided to call it and she had nothing against it. Right after we got in the apartment I rented, I took her by the waist and offered to sit on the couch together, which she gladly did. Our first kiss was truly amazing – a flawless mixture of passion and modesty. She didn’t let me undress her right after. I guess romance and feelings are exceedingly important to Slavic girls, even in case if they know exactly how things are going to happen. I would not call it an imitation; it’s rather a tribute to how love life used to look like.

Later on, we moved to the bedroom. I literally ripped her dress off, which made her upset. I told her we would get her another one (and we never did, of course). Her skin was white as porcelain and soft as silk – just as I wanted it to be. No freckles, birthmarks or acne. Literal silk. I started kissing her on her lips, her neck (she smelled of perfume, I did not find her neck bitter like it often happened). She murmured, “Yeah I like that, keep going!” Everything sounds so seductive with the Russian accent! I moved down her torso, her tender yet strong body was trembling. Then I felt her hands pushing my head down – and it was really surprising! Who would have thought that Maria could be THAT assertive and initiative in bed? I ate her pussy for like half an hour until I felt that she was about to come. I love edging my women to make them beg me to take her like an animal! And eventually she did, but in a much more exciting way. She asked me to turn on my back and directed my cock right to her vagina (yeah, no protection, sorry; I know you all like that). She rode me as professional jockeys ride their horses in the hottest competitions – and, oh Lord, it was one of the toughest rides in my entire Casanova career. I held her by her waist with one hand and slapped her ass cheek with the second.

She asked me, “Where do you want to come?” I decided that my semen would look just fine on her cute face. I was not wrong even a bit. Then she laid down on her back and rubbed her clit with double diligence until she burst in a furious orgasm. Russian girls are so audial! As I understood, she was swearing in Russian. It was something like “suka!” and it turned me on again! Maria looked like she was about to faint – she breathed heavily and ridiculously deep. Likewise, she was still softly rubbing her pussy lips and clit. I have never seen a girl so much devoted to sexual satisfaction. I was ready for the second round but she said her insides are too strained now Maria offered to try out her mouth. And, without further ado, I grabbed her by her hair and shoved my dick right in her mouth. I knew it was too much but, interestingly, she didn’t stop me and just sucked her cheeks inside to make things even better. My schlong is by far not the smallest but she managed to take it like a professional. After twenty minutes of adrenalized throat fucking, I squirted my jizz right into her mouth –and she swallowed it with visible commitment on her face.

Maria didn’t stay the night. And it totally satisfied me – the concept of sex tourism does not include warmth and deep feelings. The possibility of falling in love frightens me every time. Yeah, there’s still something kind and loving in my heart. And, of course, I will be back to Russia. I am assured there’s much more to try in this cold-hearted yet sexually attractive country.

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